Walter Magazine Street Racks

Location: outside Dock 5013 Raleigh, NC. 2018

This was a fun project, a true street art opportunity as I like to think about it. The newspaper boxes are an iconic part of the urban landscape in US. Their grungy stickered up frames pop up in many cinematic street scenes, and are scattered across Raleigh like rusty remnants of some square bodied alien invasion. I’ve always wondered at the potential of these boxes to become little street art gems, so when the Walter Magazine got in touch about the project I jumped right on it. They told me the box would be placed next to the Dock 5013, which is “a creative community for makers, entrepreneurs, artisans, retailers and forward thinkers.” I started thinking what kind of interactions would people there have with the box, and what kind of messages would be inspirational to them. There are four “active sides” (the back is facing the wall), and if I had to pick a favorite it would be the top - “hold my coffee.” What’s yours?

Look for the rest of the boxes all over the downtown in Raleigh, and don’t forget to tag the artists and Walter Magazine to inspire more awesome public art projects on our streets!

Lidia Churakova