Wilmington Street Sidewalk (west side)

Location: Wilmington Street opposite the Moore Square Parking Deck, Raleigh NC. 2018

City of Raleigh commissioned sidewalk murals to decorate the two bicycle parking areas along the street. The design encourages people to use alternative means of transportation and appreciate the outdoor environment. The two parts were painted separately, couple of months apart because the city regulations for each side were different. I used the special asphalt-marking type paint, which is thicker and chalkier than usual wall grade acrylic paint.

The west side design was the one that won me the commission. It took two days to paint in spring, a tight timeframe because of the ever changing North Carolina weather. The day before it was freezing, the day after raining. I helped to paint the sidewalks on Glenwood South a couple of years ago, but this was my first experience painting in the middle of downtown. I was surprised by the amount of people that stoped to pay a compliment, or ask a couple fo questions. One young man spent the entire day talking to me, and oh boy, he had quite a story to tell! But I was glad for the company, it was almost like listening to a romantic drama audio book. I don't know how much of it was actually true, I was just enjoying the experience. 

If you are considering doing something like this in the future and would like to know what it feels like, try doing yoga for four hours straight two days in a row. That about sums it up : ) 

Lidia Churakova