Learning from nature. Primorskiy Kraiy, Russia, 2018.

Learning from nature. Primorskiy Kraiy, Russia, 2018.



I am a US based artist, I have been living and working in Raleigh, NC since 2007. My understanding of art is pretty broad, I consider art to be a product of any creative activity. I believe the aesthetic quality of the objects in our surrounds influences our well-being and ability to succeed. I create art to inspire myself and others to live better, be more compassionate to themselves and others, and to be strong in the face of change and struggle.

I use color as a form of visual energy that infuses my designs and artworks. Nature and its interaction with the products of human existence provide a lot of inspiration for my work. I assimilate not only the tangible manifestations - broken tiles, weathered fences, cracks filled with moss that become background patterns, but also the stories of conflict and coexistence. Together these elements provide the narrative of love, compassion, and wonder that I hope to express in a clear, colorful, transformative way.

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Your creative tea addict.